3 Best Smartphones Under 11000 Right Now !

Best Phone Under 11000

India is a country where we want best at the lowest price possible. That’s the reason why we have so many varieties in the budget segment. I know it’s very tough choice to make and select only the best phones from this. But I will be honest. Below mentioned are my best picks,

  1. Redmi Note 4
  2. Lenovo K5 Note
  3. Redmi 4

In my opinion, I think Redmi 4 is the best phone right now to buy. I have used Lenovo K5 Note, My Experience was very good. But still that MediaTek processor on K5 Note heats a lot. I have never experienced the heating problem in any MediaTek phones before. but that’s okay Redmi Note 4 does heat up at times.
I am using Redmi Note 4 since a very long time. But I HATE THIS phone, YES, I DO ! do you know Why? because It has the worst built quality. I have ever seen in my life.

one day Accidentally the Redmi Note 4 slipped out of my hands from a height of 2-3 feet. and guess what the display was shattered. And I was like what the hell? is this really India’s best selling smartphone now in the budget segment?

To be frank the built quality sucks. But the performance is jaw dropping. You will fall in love with the smoothness of this device. MIUI 9 is quite bad but it’s okay on this phone. I think the 3GB variant is sufficient on this phone.

In The first line, I told you Redmi 4 is best, and now I will tell you why. I am using Redmi 4 from its first sale. My experience was very good, I got a 2-day battery backup on an average usage. It’s a very good phone. The display is small but not that small.

The display is small but not that small. you can hold this beauty in your one hand. The display quality is also very good. I have the black model. the black model looks so much premium that you can compare it with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S.
I have compared this phone’s camera with my Redmi note 4. I think the camera is good on Redmi 4 as compared to Note 4. I don’t know whats the problem with Redmi Note 4 camera. Redmi 4 impressed me.
I am sure you won’t regret. Redmi 4 is the great choice to go with. It’s an honest opinion here, It’s not a paid review or something like that.
If you have any question then you can ask me. Simply post a comment or text me on WhatsApp: +91 8888339324.


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